The Art Process

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I am so glad you have an interest in owning an original painting of your ancestral name. It is a fascinating part of history, and of course every family has its own unique story to tell.

I begin the process by researching the most obvious match to your name. These records are provided by various resources from the old country. Your name's origin may be Scottish, English, French, or German etc. so any information you have of your family's heritage is most helpful to acquire the most accurate match. However, it is not uncommon to dig a little deeper. In every instance, I have been able to identify the origins of a name requested.

After the Norman Conquest, the early spellings were very different than what we know of today. As immigrants came to the new world to seek religious and other freedoms, many of the surnames were adapted and the spellings changed. There are several publications on this subject, so if you think your name may be impossible to locate, it is not always the case.

The Finished Product:
Each painting has a relief technique that is crafted. No two are the same. This sculpting process is one which I have perfected over many years. Each Decorative Coat of Arms is mixed-media comprised of metallic colors, acrylic and oil paints. The same applies to the various objects included in the design. Heraldic art is defined by a strict set of rules established by the (name of college in England).

* Important Note: Please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for your order of each painting. These are original works of art and are perfected individually.
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