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Decorative Coats of Arms follows the strict guidelines distinguished in the literature of heraldic artistry. Each painting is original, hand-painted and custom made to order and signed by the artist. It will include the shield, mantling, helmet, and motto and crest when applicable.

You will enjoy having a part of your family heritage displayed in your favorite living space. You may also want to consider a Decorative Coat of Arms of your mother’s and grandmother’s maiden names as well. These are unique gifts that become treasured heirlooms. There is a lot of family history portrayed in these fine works to enjoy from one generation to the next.

More samples of my work may be viewed on the gallery page. If you would like to get further information or place an order, please contact me through the website and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please note my degree is in fine art and not genealogical research. However, I will do the necessary research to ensure that the Decorative Coat of Arms is accurate.

Occasionally some matches are unavailable, or may need additional information provided to me, such as the origin of the name. If you have a copy or a description of a specific Decorative Coat of Arms, I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.
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